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Digital Marketing Blueprint

Build a solid foundation for your art gallery's online strategy that actually helps you sell art

I put this PDF blueprint together for gallery professionals to lay the groundwork for reaching more art collectors with strong messaging and ultimately generate more gallery sales, both in the gallery and online. 

It focuses on the six most impactful elements of digital marketing for an art gallery business strategy. Once you have a solid foundation, you can build great things upon it.

What you will learn

How to engage better with social media followers

Make your newsletter a powerful sales tool.

Create a website that is a powerful sales tool

Utilize a digital marketing content calendar

Use your gallery’s value proposition online

Is this strategy right for your gallery business?

  • Marketing is only one of many responsibilities I have in the gallery.
  • I’m not confident I’m using digital marketing technology in the best way to create the right results
  • Our gallery has a very small staff and I want to know how to market online in a more streamlined way
  • I want better results from the gallery website, social media and newsletters.
  • Our gallery doesn’t have a defined digital marketing strategy and goals, we are just experimenting with different things.

Your business will be better positioned to integrate in-gallery and online experiences.

Art Gallery Digital Marketing | Blueprint

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