Checklist & Worksheet 
for Art Galleries

Strategy to Nurture Art Collector Relationships

An art gallery’s implementation guide to automatically cultivate relationships with email subscribers

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What you will learn

How to set goals for your email sequence

What makes great content

Ideas for email topics within your sequence

How to schedule and track your emails

What elements to include in your email sequence

This guide covers the planning, creating and tracking stages of implementing this marketing strategy. 
You will also receive a worksheet that will help you organize the messaging and timing of each email in your series.

Is this strategy right for your gallery business?

Consider if your gallery fits the following:

  • Your collector base is aging and you need to nurture relationships with a younger generation of collectors.
  • You need to find new ways to build rapport and engage with prospective art buyers who join your mailing list.
  • You have an extensive subscriber list, but open and click rates have fallen for your newsletter.

Gallery Email Nurture Sequence | Worksheet and Checklist

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